Case Studies

GI Dynamics FIT App

The GID FIT (Field Information Tool) app is a project which is still being developed, currently for iOS and to be ported to Android. FIT is an application for collecting a large number of diverse data points around a medical procedure. The mid-process interactive Axure prototype that convinced senior management to fully fund the project can be viewed below, along with some documentation from the process:

Philips Exploratorium

A less UX-deliverable-heavy project, the Exploratorium began as a simple solution for a complex concept, and eventually resulted in dozens of apps, web sites and touch screen implementations for multiple Philips modalities, as well as a Finalist spot in the 2014 MITX Innovation Awards:

insideADHD Site

The insideADHD web site redesign was a project at Inflexxion; this brief case study should give an idea of the process and deliverables:

Valtrex HCP Site

The Valtrex HCP site was a redesign of an inadequate information and education site for doctors. After interviewing doctors, we rebuilt the site from the ground up. An outline of the top-line deliverables roughly follows the process in the PDF below:

ESAI Energy Site

A similar case study-lite document for an energy analysis company, done by my own company THiNKmedia:

Esdaille Barrett Esdaille Law Site

And another, very simple redesign process for a law firm that wanted something a little different; here are both a PDF of the case and a link to the near-final site: